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Elite singers from all over the world

have benefited from Lori's instruction and guidance
and now you can too!

"I trained with Lori Fredrics for 18 months while I was living in London. Under her expert guidance I was able to develop my voice, range and repertoire in not only the classical genre but also in jazz and cabaret. It was refreshing to find a teacher who could (and would) teach all three, and with equal expertise. During my time with Lori I was accepted as a first soprano into the Royal Philharmonia Chorus and performed in the Royal Albert Hall, which has been a dream of mine since childhood. I also developed greater confidence as a soloist and sang in a number of cabaret venues in London and Paris. Lessons with Lori were challenging but always fun!"
(South Africa)

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"I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much after all this time the few days you taught me has made such a difference on my singing. To be sincere, after such a long time of training by myself I start understanding all the instructions you gave me.


Hope you are doing great! In any case I'll be in Europe by October, so if you are not in USA now, I might catch you there. "


Best regards, 


Chemel Neme
Lead Singer of Black Sun

Black Sun Image

After seven years of legit style vocal training under numerous teachers, Lori has proven to be a vocal goddess for me.  It's amazing how much she has changed my voice in less than a year's time training with her in the Bel Canto style. 

Liz Tapia
(New York/New Jersey)

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Lori thank you so very much for your excellent teaching but also for your support and belief in me. You taught me so many things about the performance world and gave me confidence.

I wanted to let you know that all my singing teachers at college continually ask me about you. They seem to think I'm quite good and they understand that a lot of that is down to my training with you .

-Jennifer Harraghy
London School of Music Theatre
(London, Dubai)

Jennifer Harraghy

Click links below to hear Jennifer sing Someone Else's Story and Maybe This Time.

Someone Else's Story

Maybe This Time

I found working with Lori a rewarding experience; not only did she help develop my vocal skills, she introduced me to a variety of music I had not studied beforehand. Lessons were always relaxed and informative; she felt more like a friend than a vocal coach, but there was never any room for complacency! Had I not relocated I would have continued my coaching with Lori without a doubt.

Chris Hoare, Baritone
(Cardiff Wales)
Studied with Lori Fredrics as an Undergraduate at Kingston University of London.

Chris Hoare

"I studied with Lori in London during 2008 and it was a blast! She is a very positive teacher and provides a relaxed environment. I found her methods to be very helpful and thus I saw great improvement in my sound and my vocal range. She has a very good knowledge of languages which aided me in learning various Opera arias. If it was at all possible I would have continued training with her!"

Johani Louw, Soprano presently training at the Cape Town Opera School
(Strand, South Africa)

Johani Louw

Working with Lori has a been a real pleasure for me. In my two years working with her, I had the chance to work on both Classical and Jazz singing as well as dealing with other genres. What was really fascinating for me was the fact that we have also worked on songs in my native language (Greek) at the same ease. Furthermore, I became familiar with recording songs by using her home equipment. To sum up, I really enjoyed working with a positive person like Lori at a 'homey' and welcoming environment.

Andronicus (Kikis) Lefkaritis- Singer
(Athens, Greece)
Graduate of London's Central School of Speech and Drama
Presently recording an album to be released May 2010


Lori is an excellent singing teacher providing not only superb coaching for the physical aspects of singing but also confidence building and genuine encouragement in your performance and skills. Lori is fun, hardworking and demanding teacher which means you always achieve your best in a safe and supportive environment. I flourished so much under Lori's direction and made progress I did not think possible!

Clare Mc Callion, Soprano

Clare McCallon

I am a music teacher and have been teaching piano and voice for 20 years.  I lived and trained in the UK until 6 years ago, when I moved to Ottawa, Canada. I have been classically trained and have a B.A. in Music. Whilst living in the UK, I performed in many Operas and sang in concerts and choirs.

Now living and teaching in Ottawa, I decided it would be in my interest to study and achieve my A.R.C.T. in Performance, Voice. I found it difficult to find someone in Ottawa qualified to teach me. I then discovered Lori Joachim Fredrics through her website where it stated that she gave lessons on Skype. I am familiar with Skype and thought it had potential, at my level, for achieving my goals.

After meeting Lori online, we established an excellent rapport. I was very impressed with Lori’s credentials, experience, teaching methods and her communicative friendly disposition. The repertoire needed for my A.R.C.T is demanding and varied as it involves singing in 4 different languages.  Lori is very adept, articulate and informative when teaching and giving instruction. She has extremely accurate listening skills and a (Bel-Canto) (Italian, “beautiful singing”) voice.

Skype lessons with Lori are very convenient for me as I am learning in the comfort of my home at a mutually convenient time. I look forward to my lesson with Lori as they are very professional, informative and fun and I feel I have made great progress since starting in May of this year.


I would highly recommend Lori Fredrics as your singing teacher and coach.

Diana Pelletier

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