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Bergen Bel Canto
Tuition Plans and Cancellation Policy​​


Individual Lessons are $90 per hour and $50 per half-hour paid at the time of the lesson.

A minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation must be provided in order to receive a make up for a missed lesson.  Exceptions to this policy are made only for sudden illness or serious emergency at the instructor’s discretion. No exceptions will be made for changes in a student’s work schedule or school schedule.

If a student is ill with an upper respiratory tract infection the day before a lesson please call to cancel the lesson. If you become ill with a URI infection or any contagious illness on the day of your lesson call the instructor to cancel, as this is a same day emergency. This policy is to protect both the vocal health of the student and the instructor. Referring to your rhinovirus (cold), flu, fever or other contagious illness by a cute and harmless name such as ‘sniffles’ or a ‘tickle in the throat’ will not convince me to permit you to expose myself, my family and the other singers I teach to your or your child’s contagious illness.

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