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Development of Musical Theatre Technique

Photo of Lori Joachim Fredrics as Willy Wonka

Aspiring Theatre singers receive a foundation in the basics of singing:

Areas of instruction:

  • How to project the voice in the house without resorting to unnatural-sounding amplification or the disingenuous use of "backing tracks"

  • Natural “belters” are given instruction on how to support the voice and sing without strain or injury and with a beautiful tone

  • Musicianship and sight-reading instruction to facilitate accurate performance and the ability to adapt to professional rehearsal environments

  • Instruction on how to make a believable dramatic transition from speaking to singing

  • Audition advice, including selection of audition repertoire, preparation of materials and how to relate with professionalism to the audition panel for a successful audition

How Ms Fredrics has helped other aspiring musical theatre singers and why she might also be able to help you to realize your goals

Lori Joachim Fredrics has authentic musical theatre roots which have led to the development of her own approach to teaching aspiring and professional musical theatre singers. Her mother, who performed under the theatrical name, Charlotte Leslie, was a member of The Rodgers and Hammerstein Company during the 1950's. Most notably, Ms Leslie toured the United States in the original traveling production of Annie, Get Your Gun, which featured the legendary Mary Martin in the title role.


Ms. Fredrics has, herself, performed leading and supporting roles in many musicals, including productions of The Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein and A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim. She has performed in musical reviews and originated roles at Musical Theatre Works in New York. She is also a proud member of Actors' Equity.


Students of Ms. Fredrics have appeared on Broadway in Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd, and in the West End in Cabaret, Grease and Annie, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Ms. Fredrics is experienced in helping performers who are primarily dancers or actors prepare for musical theatre auditions and classically trained singers sound great while incorporating stylistic speech elements into their musical theatre vocal performances.


Listen to an example of Lori Joachim Fredrics' singing:

Old Maid from 110 In The Shade (Schmidt/Jones)Lori Joachim Fredrics
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