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Instruction in Jazz Singing

Photo of Lori Joachim Fredrics with microphone

Photo by Ronny Mills

Aspiring jazz vocalists develop a solid foundation in the basics of singing technique

Areas of Instruction

  • How to warm up your voice

  • Instruction in scales and modes including major/minor, pentatonic and minor blues.

  • Advice on how to select appropriate keys for your repertoire

  • An understanding of basic jazz harmony

  • Exercises to improve your ability to improvise

Classical singers wishing to explore jazz styles learn how to adjust their technique to encompass a more naturalistic style


Ms. Lori Fredrics, studied jazz singing and improvisation with Grammy nominated avant garde jazz singer, Janet Lawson at William Paterson University.   Lawson, known as “The Queen of Scat,” was primarily influenced by jazz saxophonists, such as Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, and Lester Young.

Inspired by Janet Lawson's impeccable musicianship, conception of the voice as an instrument in a jazz ensemble and philosophy of free-spirited self-expression, Ms. Fredrics can lead her students to become authentic and innovative jazz singers.  


Lori Fredrics' Six Steps to Jazz Singing (based on the Lawson Method)

1. Learning to sing the bass line of a jazz standard

2. Learning to sing the complete chord changes

3. Memorizing an instrumental solo with scat syllables

4. Composing your own solo

5. Improvising with materials from steps 1-4

6. "free" improvisation

 Listen to an example of Lori Joachim Fredrics' singing:

My Ship (Weil)Lori Joachim Fredrics
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